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Best Mylo Review: Unbiased Analysis from My 2-Year Personal Experience

Rating: 4.0/5

Are you looking for the best way to save or invest your money without needing to worry about it? Money Reverie’s Mylo reviews expose you to that opportunity.

Moka app (formerly Mylo) is the solution to automated investment and savings in Canada.

Nothing could beat automation in terms of saving money. Regardless of the method used, investment becomes a difficult task once it’s not automated.

As a ground-breaking financial app in Canada, Moka not only automates your savings and investments but does so in a way that requires zero effort.

After using the Moka app for more than two years and saving hundreds of dollars on roundups, I decided to write these unbiased Mylo reviews to help you make an informed decision.

As you continue reading, you will learn what Mylo entails, how it works, its pros and cons, fees, how to use it and more.

Above all, at the end of these Mylo reviews, you should be able to understand whether Mylo is suitable for you not.

Let’s get there!

Mylo Reviews: A Brief Overview

Snapshots of Mylo App

Mylo Financial Technologies Inc. is Canada’s financial technology firm established by Phil Barrar in 2017.

In Canada, the Mylo app was the first goal-based investment and savings automated app, helping Canadians to invest their money and build their wealth quickly.

Mylo was rebranded to Moka in 2020 after spreading from Canada to Europe and France.

The Moka app has been downloaded by over 750,000 Canadians and already has a 4.4/5 rating on the App Store.

Just recently, Moka announced that it’s joining forces with Mogo so as to reach out to more people and enhance their services.

What is Mylo?

To have a better understanding of Mylo reviews, it is important to know what Mylo is all about.

Mylo is a software dedicated to assisting Canadians and their international users in attaining financial independence through investment and savings.

This app automatically rounds up all of your purchases and invests the change.

There is no need for investing experience, and you are not expected to change your lifestyle. Mylo teaches you how to convert your spending habits into saving habits.

Mylo is a solution for practically everyone trying to improve their wealth due to its intuitive investment tools, investment automation, and $0 account minimums.

Is Moka the same as Mylo?

Yes, based on this Mylo reviews’ findings, Moka is the same as Mylo.

Mylo is a savings and investment app that was launched in July 2017 in order to assist consumers in achieving their financial objectives.

The app combines machine learning with financial and transactional data to generate customized recommendations that assist consumers in making sound financial decisions.

As noted earlier, the initial name of the Moka app was Mylo.

But in the process of accomodating more clients across Europe and France, Mylo was renamed Moka in 2020.

When trying to justify the reason for the name change,  the CEO of Mylo, Philip Barrar, said Mylo has a range of meanings and pronunciations that vary according to the speaker’s tongue, while Moka has a more standardized pronunciation.

In Barrar words: 

“As we’re heading over to Europe, the rebranding became part of the need for a new name to address the growing global community that we have, and how we’re evolving the product.”

In the startup community, name changes amount to success or failure, affecting brand recognition.

When asked whether Barrar was worried about losing brand awareness in Canada due to Mylo’s change to Moka, the CEO said that he’s confident that what made Mylo unique as a brand would also make Moka unique.

In Barrar words: 

“A lot of the things that made the Mylo product great will continue to make the Moka product great,” Barrar said. “Yes, there might be a small inherent risk, but I think what’s in store for us and in the grander scheme of the company, when we look back at this in five, 10 years, it’ll be [considered] a great beginning.”

Mylo Pros

  • Socially responsible investing (SRI)
  • Zero account minimum
  • Automation
  • Low cost
  • Tax-free registered accounts
  • Quick withdrawals
  • Excellent monthly perks
  • Hands-off investing
  • Customer support

Mylo Cons

  • Limited account options
  • Not favourable for big investments

Mylo Reviews: Who Can Use Mylo Investment App?

Anyone that is 18 years and above and is living in Canada, Europe and France with a legitimate bank account can use the Moka app.

Bear in mind that the Moka app is only downloadable on Android or iPhone. They don’t have a web version at the moment.

However, for the purpose of these Mylo reviews, it is important to stress that the Moka app is more suitable for:

  • Those who face challenges saving their money.
  • Those who are in debt.
  • Those want a stress-free method of saving.
  • Those who are unsure on how to start investing in an ETF.
  • Those who want to complement their high-interest savings account.

How Does Mylo Work?

Mylo’s goal is to make investment and savings simple and stress-free for all its clients, which informed the motive behind these Mylo reviews.

The app does magic after you sign up, connect your bank account(s), set a savings goal, and your preferred method of funding.

Your money would be automatically transferred from your chosen funding account to your Mylo goal(s).

Following that, your portfolio manager can invest the money according to your needs…

Mylo Goals

Moka would require you to set a savings goal prior to starting your savings or investment. This is fantastic. Setting financial targets is something I really believe in and advise everyone to do.

Moka makes it easy to set your savings goals. But you need to consider the following::

  • The purpose of your savings.
  • The amount you want to save.
  • The type of account that suits your need (you can choose from TFA, RRSP or unregistered accounts).
  • The timeframe of your goal.

You can even create as many savings goals as you want and edit them at any point.

Once you are done with setting your savings goal(s), you can begin funding immediately.

Mylo Funding Options

At this stage of our Mylo reviews, we’re going to discuss the funding options available on the Moka app.

Moka has three option of funding as follows:

  • Roundups
  • One-time deposits
  • Recurring deposits

Next on our Mylo reviews is the explanation of these funding options.

  • Mylo Roundups

Roundups constitute the key feature of Moka. Roundups are Moka’s brilliant way of helping you save money conveniently, even with your spare change.

With this type of funding, anytime you make a purchase, the amount is roundup to the nearest dollar. The extra change is deposited in your account.

For example, if you make a purchase of $2.40, $3 would be rounded up, and $0.60 would be automatically saved.

If you created three savings goals on roundups, $0.60 would be saved on all three. Moka would save you $1.8 in total. Isn’t it straightforward?

The amount may not be significant, and you may not even be aware that it has been deducted from your account.

Therefore, if you think the roundups are taking so long, you can increase the number of roundups. This multiplier method boosts the speed of achieving your goals.

  • Mylo One-Time Deposits

When it comes to savings, the motto is: “pay yourself first.” With Moka on-time deposits, you can do this conveniently by depositing even $10 in a day.

This funding option helps you to save money prior to spending, allowing you to expand your investment more quickly.

All you need to do is to visit the Moka app, click your goal, and then tap the “Add funds” button to make a one-time deposit of any amount you want.

  • Mylo Recurring Deposits

Recurring deposits also help you achieve your targets quicker by making a recurring deposit of a specific amount, such as a $10 deposit every week.

Every week, Moka would automatically withdraw the money and transfer it to your Moka account.

If you are interested in this kind of funding, you need to set your recurring deposit goals and choose the funding rules that best suit your needs.

How to Invest With Mylo?

Your Moka savings may be invested in a TFSA, RRSP, or non-registered account.

Your spare change is invested in ETFs’ diversified portfolio automatically, so you don’t have to do anything but relax and watch your savings rise.

Based on the amount of risk you choose to take, Moka has five different portfolio options as follows:

PortfolioDistribution %
Conservative100% savings
Conservative-Moderate40% savings and 60% bonds
Moderate60% bonds and 40% stocks
Moderate-Aggressive40% bonds and 60% stocks
Aggressive20% bonds and 80% stocks


Mylo Financial Technologies’ subsidiary, Tactex Asset Management, is in-charge in investing your money and managing your portfolio.

Note: Moka also provides a socially responsible investing (SRI) portfolio that invests in businesses that are working to make the world a better place by complying with environmental, social and corporate governance guidelines.

Is Mylo Safe?

Based on the standing of these Mylo reviews, it is important you first understand that there’s no risk-free investment out there.

In Mylo’s case, Tactex Asset Management invests your funds in a low-cost and diversified ETFs portfolio, making the funds much less risky compared to when you picked the stocks yourself.

Mylo uses similar encryption and security that banks use. They also state that your information would never be sold.

Furthermore, the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) insures your money with Mylo. This ensures that your deposits are covered up to $1 million should Mylo go bankrupt.

Is the Mylo App Free?

You can download the  Moka app for free on your Android or iPhone. However, there is a fee attached to creating an account.

A flat monthly fee is charged by the portfolio manager (Tactex Asset Management) fee as follows:

  • $2 for unrestricted non-registered accounts.
  • $3 for unlimited registered accounts (including TFSAs, RRSPs and SRI accounts).

Mylo Fees and Features

Now we’re at the peak of our Mylo reviews. So what are Moka fees? Are they worth it? Let’s look at the two major plans of Moka:

PlanMonthly  FeeFeatures
  • Automated saving features
  • Unlimited tax-free investment accounts
  • Socially responsible investing
  • Round-Up for charity
Moka 360$15
  • $360 refund if you don’t save what you pay in your first year
  • Bills negotiation
  • Customized financial advice
  • Customized debt plan
  • Double cash back Perks upon shopping
  • Including all the features of the Moka plan



Note: The cost of using Moka remains the same regardless if you saved $100 or $100,000 in your account.

How to Open a Mylo Account

Opening a Moka account is simple and takes a few minutes through the following steps:

  1. Download the Moka app.
  2. Provide your details and set your financial goals and risk tolerance.
  3. Connect your bank account to the app and start funding.

Congratulations, you are now on the path to reaching your goals!

Interestingly, once you refer anyone to use the Moka app, you will be rewarded with $5. Multiply that by the number of people you can refer! Isn’t that great enough? Sure, it is.

That will definitely boost your speed to reaching your investment goals.

How to Withdraw Your Money from Mylo Account?

Just as in creating a Moka app, making a withdrawal from your Moka account is also simple. With no penalties or fees, you can make a withdrawal on Moka at any time.

All you need is to send a Withdrawal Request to your Portfolio Manager through your Moka App. The money will be transferred directly to the account you linked as your funding source.

If you place a withdrawal before 1 pm (Monday- Friday), you can receive your money the same day.  However, if you place a withdrawal later than 1 pm, your money will be transferred the next day.

Note: Withdrawals are not processed on weekends.

How to Delete Mylo Account?

Are you fed up using Mylo account, and as such you wish to delete or deactivate your account? If yes, then you need not worry because you are at the right place to get all the information and steps you need to follow to deactivate your Mylo account.

To delete a Mylo account is easy peasy and you can easily delete your Mylo account any moment you feel you’re no longer interested in the app. To do that, you need to reach out to a Mylo representative through the app’s “Chat with us” section.

Also, you can delete your Mylo account by sending an account deletion request from the email address that you used to create the account to [email protected].

Below are the simple steps you can follow to delete take this action.

  • Open the Moka App on your iPhone or Android
  • Click on Account on the lower right side of your screen
  • Scroll down and click on “Get Help” or “Share Feedback”
  • Now compose an email and hit send.
  • Wait for a response. Sometimes, it can take up to 2 – 4 business days before you’ll hear back from Moka support about your account deletion.

Alternatively, you can send an email directly to Moka Support right from the email address you registered with when you signed up by following the steps below:

  • Open your email account that is registered with the application or website.
  • Click on “Compose” from your email client and write an email to [email protected]
  • In the Subject section, type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.
  • Now write an email requesting them to delete your account from their database, and to wipe all your information with them, if any.

Below is a sample email you can write to Mylo support to get your account deleted or deactivated.

Dear Moka Support, I have an account in your database I’ll like to delete. The name and email address on the account is ‘Your Name” and “Your Email’. I therefore request that you kindly delete my account from your database and also wipe all notifications if any.


Your Name.

Email Account.

Phone Number.

Mylo Reviews: My Rating Formula

Here are my Mylo reviews 5-star ratings:

Ease of Use*****
Account Minimum*****
Investment Options***
Management Fees****
Tools and Resources****
Customer Service****

Mylo vs Wealthsimple: Similarities and Differences

No doubt, automated investment is becoming more common in Canada, which means there is more competition out there.

So now that you’ve learnt about the potentials of the Moka app, let’s briefly look at its alternative at this final stage of our Mylo reviews.

If we’re talking about Moka’s top competitor or alternative, we’re talking about Wealthsimple.

Wealthsimple is one of Canada’s leading Robo advisors that help Canadians save and invest their money with all the automation and features they need.

Comparably, Moka and Wealthsimple share much in common.

They are all safe, have SRIs, all packed with extra features, all invest in ETFs, and they all provide round-up bonuses.

However, Wealthsimple has more features such as multiple account options, large investment opportunities and so on.

But this doesn’t imply that Moka isn’t a good option with limited accounts and limited investment opportunities.

It all boils down to your investment objectives and approach. So you need to ask yourself: can you save money regularly?

Obviously, Wealthsimple could be a suitable option since it is designed to accommodate large investments.

However, if you have hard time saving money, Moka might likely be the suitable option for you since it improves your savings habit and is suitable for little automated investment.

Moreover, if you want to learn more about Wealthsimple, check out our comprehensive Wealthsimple Review.

Final Thoughts on Mylo Reviews

Investing and saving your money are proven steps to attaining your financial freedom.

However, the way you invest and save your money determines the success or failure of your investment and savings. Hence, the need to use a reliable investment and savings vehicle at all times.

Evidently, Moka app is one of Canada’s leading investment and savings vehicles that help you make the best of your money automatically as you sleep.

From the above Mylo reviews, you’ve learnt about the pros and cons of Moka. You’ve also learnt about Wealthsimple, its top competitor and what they share and didn’t share in common.

So the question is, are you going with Moka or Wealthsimple? Remember that Moka is suitable for small investments while Wealthsimple handles large investments.

To be honest with yourself, you need to examine your current financial situation and financial goals before deciding whether to go with Mylo or Wealthsimple.

Finally, let me know what you think about these Mylo reviews in the comment section.

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