ODSP Payment Dates for 2021: Eligibility, Benefits, Application and More

As an Ontario resident, there are many social assistance programs you may be eligible for, one of which is ODSP payment.

However, the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) is unique due to its range of benefits to eligible Ontarians.

Whether you have a disability or financial crisis, you may be eligible for the ODSP payments.

But how do you qualify for the ODSP payment dates for 2021? How much ODSP amount will you receive?

Continue reading to find answers to these questions and lots of other questions.

What is ODSP Payment?

Before I highlight the ODSP payment dates for 2021, it’s essential first to understand what ODSP entails.

ODSP refers to the social assistance program administered by the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services toward helping Ontarians suffering from disability and financial need.

Established in 1997, ODSP provides benefits such as income, health, shelter, basic needs, and employment support.

However, each ODSP benefit has different requirements, but you can be entitled to all of them once you’re eligible.

Subsequently, you will learn about the ODSP payment dates for 2021 and more.

ODSP Benefits

As mentioned earlier, the ODSP has numerous benefits, which make it unique compared to other Ontario benefits.

However, all ODSP benefits are combined under income and employment support.

Let’s look at them one after the other:

1. Income Support

This ODSP benefit aims at helping Ontario residents who are suffering from one form of disability or the other and need money for food and housing.

However, to be eligible for the ODSP income support, a person must be:

  • An Ontario resident
  • Have financial need
  • Be 18 years of age or older

Eligible Ontarians are paid monthly, and the ODSP income amount is determined through the person’s living condition (i.e. whether they rent or own their home).

Furthermore, the ODSP income benefit consists of allowances for basic needs, shelter, board and lodging. Also, the ODSP income support provides health benefits.

Subsequently, we shall be looking at them one after the other.

 a. ODSP Basic Needs Allowance

This is coverage for the cost of food, clothing and other required items.

How much ODSP basic needs allowance a person receives depends on their family size, age and spousal disability.

b. ODSP Shelter Allowance

This is coverage for the cost of housing in Ontario, including rent/mortgage payment, utility bills, home insurance, property taxes, heat bills, and condominium fees.

Also, how much shelter allowance a person receives depends on the size of their family and their maximum shelter costs.

c. Board and Lodging Allowance

This covers the cost of boarding or lodging in Ontario. This refers to a situation when someone is living and being fed by their parents or landlords.

How much board and lodging allowance a person receives depends on their family size and the age of their family members.

However, there’s an additional allowance for those that don’t have annual access to a road in the 50th parallel of Northern Ontario.

This additional allowance is referred to as “Remote Communities Allowance.”

d. ODSP Health Benefits

This benefit covers the following costs for Ontarians that qualified for the ODSP income support:

  • Prescription Drug Coverage: This covers the cost of prescription drugs prescribed by licensed health workers or those listed under the Ontario Drug Benefit Formulary.
  • Dental Coverage: This covers the cost of dental services for children who are 17 or less under Healthy Smiles Ontario.
  • Vision Care: This covers vision care costs such as major eye examinations and annual eye examinations.
  • Mandatory Special Necessities Benefit: This covers the cost of medical transportation and medical supplies
  • Pregnancy/Breast-feeding Nutritional Allowance: This is coverage for expenses that relate to nutrition. Eligible persons may get $40 or $50/month for the cost of a regular diet or a non-dairy diet.
  • Extended Health Benefit: This covers the high health expenses of those that no longer qualify for the ODSP income support.
  • Transitional Health Benefit: This covers the cost of health for those that are no longer part of the ODSP due to paid work.

Depending on your eligibility, you may receive one or more health benefits in addition to your ODSP income support during the ODSP payment dates.

2. ODSP Employment Support

The ODSP employment support helps Ontario residents suffering from disabilities and are looking for work or improving their careers.

Some of the employment supports that the ODSP provides include:

  • Finding a suitable job for a person
  • Preparing a person for work
  • Helping a person preserve their job
  • Job coaching
  • Helping while on-the-job
  • Career improvement
  • Job accommodations and support
  • Exposure to adaptive technology etc.

Additionally, the ODSP provides several community service providers that help you determine the perfect job support you need.

Furthermore, the ODSP employment support can assist with a different range of services in setting up the business of your choice.

Who is Eligible for Ontario Disability Support Program?

The ODSP is for all Ontario residents, but not every Ontarian can receive it on the ODSP payment dates.

An eligible person for the ODSP is expected to be:

  • Resident of Ontario
  • 18 years of age or older
  • In financial need to cover basic living expenses
  • Suffering from a verified disability that lasts a year or more or is part of the Prescribed Class.

Note: If a person is less than 18 years of age, they can begin the application process six months to reach 18 years.

How Much Does ODSP Pay?

The ODSP amount is not fixed. How much you get on ODSP payment dates depends on several factors, such as the cost of your housing and shelter.

Furthermore, your family size, spouse disability, and location in Ontario determine the maximum ODSP amounts you may receive under the ODSP payment dates.

However, if you don’t have children and are single, you may receive a maximum of $1,169 during ODSP payment dates for your shelter and basic necessities.

Disability Payment Schedule 2021

With the exception of December, the ODSP dates for payments are scheduled on the last working day of every month.

Here is the disability payment schedule for 2021:

Benefit MonthPayment Dates
JanuaryJanuary 29, 2021
FebruaryFebruary 26, 2021
MarchMarch 31, 2021
AprilApril 30, 2021
MayMay 31, 2021
JuneJune 30, 2021
JulyJuly 31, 2021
AugustAugust 31, 2021
SeptemberSeptember 30, 2021
OctoberOctober 29, 2021
NovemberNovember 30, 2021
DecemberTo be determined

Source: Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

So on the ODSP payment dates, you can receive your payment through bank cheque, direct bank deposit or reloadable payment cards.

How to Apply for the ODSP Payment

Once you meet the requirements for the ODSP payment, you can proceed to apply through:

Within five days of initiating the application, you will be assigned a caseworker who will reach out to you for an in-person meeting.

Thus, your caseworker will ask you to provide specific documents to verify information about your:

  • Personal details
  • Family members
  • Housing and shelter-related costs of your family
  • Assets and income of your family

After your caseworker has verified the above information, you will be required to sign several forms.

Thereafter, the ODSP office will determine your qualification using the information you provide in addition to other information.

Within 15 working days of verifying your information, you will be notified about your eligibility or ineligibility.

For more information about the ODSP application process, click here.

ODSP Changes in 2021

The Ontario government stated in February 2021 that it has begun working with municipal partners to improve Ontarian’s access to needed assistance.

This is the subsequent phase of Ontario’s revised social assistance program strategy, unveiled in 2020.

The goal is to build a more efficient social services system that supports more Ontarians in achieving financial independence.

Consequently, a new digital system will be introduced to simplify the application process and reduce the roles of caseworkers.

Additionally, the province will continue to supervise social assistance applications and payments.

On the other hand, municipal partners are to concentrate on assisting individuals in returning to work and gaining access to housing and health supports.

Additional Ontario Benefits

As I mentioned earlier, Ontario residents have several benefits to claim in Canada.

Here I discuss three benefits Ontario residents may be eligible for in addition to ODSP:

1. Emergency Assistance

This assistance is given to Ontario residents who don’t have enough money to cover food and housing cost due to:

  • COVID-19
  • Abusive relationship
  • Eviction of their homes
  • Insecurity

However. depending on your situation, you may get emergency support up to 48 days in addition to receiving a maximum of $733 monthly if you’re single.

So you may receive more emergency support if you have children.

2. Temporary Care Assistance

If you’re struggling to meet the cost of child upbringing and care in Ontario, you may be eligible for Temporary Care Assistance.

How much you get from this program depends not on your financial situation but on the child’s assets and income.

So to qualify for Temporary Care Assistance, you must:

  • Seek support from the child’s legal parent or guardian.
  • Not be Collecting funds from any Children’s Aid society.

Furthermore, the child may also receive additional support under the Temporary Care Assistance program, including dental, vision care and prescription drugs support.

3. Ontario Works

This benefit is given to eligible Ontario residents who are looking for financial support and a job.

However, to qualify for this benefit, you must:

  • Be an Ontario resident.
  • Have a financial need for food and shelter expenses.
  • Be interested in engaging yourself in looking for a job.

Thus, how much support you get under Ontario works depends on your income, assets, family size and housing costs.

Moreover, some of your responsibilities under this program include:

  • Engage in finding a job.
  • Report any changes in your situation such as relocating, opening/closing an account, getting a job etc.
  • Attend meetings every three months and every 12 months.
  • Reporting all your job incomes and other sources of income
  • Claim any benefits you qualified for, such as Employment Insurance, Ontario Child Benefit, child support etc.
  • Document your statements and receipts for income and assets verification.
  • Return all the money you received that you were not entitled to.

Ontario Works Payment Dates 2021

Unlike ODSP payment dates, OW payment dates are scheduled on the last working day of the previous month.

Here are Ontario Works Payment Dates for 2021:

Benefit MonthPayment Dates
JanuaryDecember 31, 2020
FebruaryJanuary 29, 2021
MarchFebruary 26, 2021
AprilMarch 31, 2021
MayApril 30, 2021
JuneMay 31, 2021
JulyJune 30, 2021
AugustJuly 30, 2021
SeptemberAugust 31, 2021
OctoberSeptember 30, 2021
NovemberOctober 29, 2021
DecemberNovember 30, 2021

Source: Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services=

Final Thoughts on ODSP Payment Dates 2021

ODSP is one out of many benefits you may be eligible for as an Ontario resident.

So you may also be eligible for Ontario Works, emergency assistance, Ontario Trillium Benefit, Temporary Care Assistance, and Canada Workers Benefit.

Depending on your situation, you may be entitled to a high or low amount from any of these benefits.

However, what’s important is not how many benefits you receive but how you use them to improve your situation.

Thus, ensure that you plan to use the money while anticipating the ODSP payment dates and other Ontario payment dates.

FAQs on ODSP Payment Dates 2021

Can I Collect CPP and ODSP at the same time?

Yes, once you’re qualified, you can receive the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) but on different payment dates. Click here to learn about the CPP payment dates for 2021.

How is ODSP Amount Calculated?

ODSP amounts are calculated using your shelter and housing cost, family size, location and spousal disability.

However, based on these factors, you may receive a lower or higher amount on ODSP payment dates.

Is there ODSP Increase in 2021

There’s no information from the Ontario government about the ODSP increase in 2021.

However, there have been several changes in improving the application process of the program in 2021.

Where Do I Get Ontario Disability Forms?

You can get the Ontario Disability Support Program application forms online through the Online Application for Social Assistance or your local ODSP office.

Finally, if you’ve more questions about the ODSP payment dates for 2021, let me know in the comment section.

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